Meilė pavasarinio lietaus gaivoje

Italijoje vestuvių dekoras yra neatsiejamas nuo gamtos sezono turtų. Bene vienas gausiausių ir gražiausių, be jokios abejonės, yra pavasaris – bunda gamta, skleidžiasi visos augmenijos pumpurai gražiausiomis ir kvapniausiomis gėlėmis iš po neilgos žiemos miego. Pavasarį Italija virsta svaiginančių savo kvapais ir grožiu visterijų rojumi. Šis vijoklinis augalas kuo puikiausiai pasitarnauja kaip fantastiškas gamtos dekoras […]

Wedding in a middle-age town in Tuscany

Autumn symphony. This couple married late in the autumn, but weather on the wedding day was amazing. It should not surprise us – it is Italy after all. The ceremony was held in a tiny middle-age town Massa Marittima in Tuscany. The couple got married in a magnificent Cathedral in the middle of the town. After the religious ceremony the young couple and their guests […]

Wedding in San Galgano, southern Tuscany

A blend of history and modernity. Wedding ceremony was held in a historical San Galgano abbey, southern Tuscany. The young couple said their vows in a place, where in the Middle-ages knight Arthur, who wanted to stop Crusade, plunged his sword in a stone in the name of peace. After the religious ceremony the young couple and their escort of closest friends and family rushed […]

Wedding ceremony on a coast of Tyrrhenian sea

Blue sea. This wedding ceremony, held on a coast of Tyrrhenian sea, was as pure as the sea itself. Civil ceremony took place directly on the seacoast. After the wedding this warm and youthful couple barefoot, arm in arm enjoyed beautiful weather, sun and love on the beach… After the sunset couple and their guests gathered in an above-sea hanging […]

D’Orcia valley in Tuscany – An ideal location for your wedding ceremony

Freshness of lavenders. Wedding ceremony was held in D’orcia fields in Tuscany. Couple chose yard of an antique music instruments for their civil marriage ceremony. After an impressive photoshoot in the town, the main celebration took place in the nature, in the lavender fields of an ecological farm, surrounded by breathtaking scent. The couple and their guests enjoyed a dinner under the stars […]

Wedding ceremony on Como lake coast

Wedding in Italian style cappuccino fashion. Italian aperitive on a deck of a ship, beautiful view of the coast and magnificent villas with colorful facades on the shore while sipping prosecco and tasting delicious finger food… All of this – just an entrée after a civil marriage ceremony in a park on a lake coast. On the dock guests were greeted by Italian music, which was all night long performed by an amazing musician trio. Dinner […]

Wedding ceremony in a Tuscan mansion

Mischievous wedding. The main wedding ceremony was held in an ecological wine mansion. Civil marriage ceremony and dinner took place in the mansion in the open-air. During the dinner guests tried out Grilled Chianinos bistecca and Tuscan snacks, tasted wine from oak-barrels, placed between crystal and glass walls in a modern cellar. Degustation of grappa, which was made in this mansion, delighted everyone almost as […]