Planning and organizing wedding in Italy
Organizing honeymoon in Italy

Which places in Italy can be chosen for wedding?

Weddings in Italy is a wide topic. Country is big and every region attracts in its own unique way. In the beginning of our journey I always ask some key questions that help to clarify details. In this way I also get to know the couple and their needs.

Places that I have previously suggested for the Lithuanian couples are spread evenly throughout whole Italy: it is both in Northern, Central and Southern parts of the country:

Magnificent, Como lake in the Northern Italy, which is located 198 m. above sea-level and attracts tourists from all over the world (Lombardy region, South of the Alps);

Impressive Positano city, located on the Amalfi coast. The city stands out with its pastel white, pink, lavender, and yellow houses on a mountain slope, above sea hanging balconies and narrow streets, full of scents of bougainvillea and citrus.

Tuscan region in the middle of Italy attracts curious people from all over the world – it is well known for its farmsteads, extremely clean nature, blue sea and rich cultural heritage. This place can surprise you year after year: traditional products have an inimitable taste here, wine is famous in the whole country and olive oil is rich in flavors and aroma. Tuscan region is one big and, seemingly, never-ending plantation of olive trees and grapes. This region in Italy is full of beautiful coastlines and islands such as Giglio, Elba, Pianosa, where you can spend your honeymoon and, thus, prolong your stay.

Cinque Terre is a coast on the Italian Riviera in the Liguria region and consists of five villages. This place represents a unique and authentic side of the country with breathtakingly beautiful and magnificent gothic architecture.

Qualitative thermal SPA centers are well-known for their hot springs and, thus, always get a lot of attention. These centers work all year round, so you can choose even the less popular days for your wedding ceremony.

Please note that you are free to choose any location you want for the wedding. The only thing we have to do is to sit down and discuss your needs. I encourage you to take upon the “New destination” challenge both in the cold and in the warm seasons of the year and even to consider the big cities, full of history and architecture, which attracts people from all over the world.